It is no secret that relationships are the backbone of any business. The more invested a business is into their clients and their success, the more success the business is. At Advanced Fire and Security, we know that business is more than dollars and sense – it is a sense of teamwork, a sense of commonality with our clients. Safety and Security, coupled with customer service, is our core focus and business.

Every team-member at Advanced Fire and Security is trained to have the client's needs first; this marks pride in a job well done. The service personnel are third party trained, certified, bonded, and licensed by FASA (Fire Alarm System Agents) and NICET (National Institute of Certified Emergency Technologists), which are upper-level certifications for the work and success we achieve. We are committed on providing fast, efficient response to all calls no matter how small or large, and are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Our Service Department is always ready and always available to help you if you need help – whether a false or real alarm, we are there to serve you! Since we don't subcontract our labor, you will always speak to a certified trained team-member.

Our primary areas of service are South of Orlando, Florida and even as far South as the Caribbean. We are always looking to expand in other markets.

We currently provide training for government Fire Marshalls at our Fort Lauderdale, Florida facility.

Why are our employees happy to do the work for you at such a high-level of service? Because Advanced Fire and Security, we take care of our employees – we want to make sure their families are safe, which, in turn, they will want to make your family safe from any type of harm.

Call a company that prides itself on customer service! Call Advanced Fire and Security today!