Skynet Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems

With our wireless dialer you can eliminate your fire system phone lines and save hundreds of dollars a month!

A wireless mesh network provides multiple paths for data transfer. Our wireless mesh network uses only U.L. 864 Fire listed AES-IntelliNet technology incorporating 2-way smart transceivers for communicating data between remote locations and the U.L. Listed Central Receiver.

Advanced Fire & Security created the first U.L. listed (864) dedicated fire monitoring web mesh with hundreds of permitted, inspected and approved installations now throughout the South Florida area.

What is SKYNET

Skynet - Advanced Fire & SecuritySkynet is a unique wireless fire alarm monitoring system created by Advanced Fire & Security, Inc. that uses a fully listed and approved fire radio mesh system to provide off site monitoring of your fire alarm system. The differences that Skynet offers from other systems are clear:

When Advanced Fire created the Skynet wireless system they met with several south Florida Fire Marshals and approving agencies and helped them implement their "checklist" for their minimum requirements. In addition to creating this standard we have chosen to exceed it by providing listed and approved dual redundancy central receiving stations in addition to exceeding the minimum installation requirements at all transceiver locations.

Understanding the differences helps you keep your properties safe and maintained with minimal costs. In addition, it removes the cost of your local phone provider and helps you save thousands of dollars a year!

Call today to get information about no cost installations and low cost Skynet wireless monitoring. The savings are huge and the sky is no longer the limit!

The network dynamically and automatically adapts to changes in the network caused by weather changes, obstruction changes, the addition or subtraction of other transceivers in the network, etc. so that it is highly redundant and reliable.

What our customers are saying

"After meeting with representatives from Advanced Fire & Security it was clear that the AES Intellinet Monitoring system was exactly what I was looking for to meet our fire safety needs. We were so impressed with the functionality of the system and the fact that it exceeded safety requirements that we had it installed on all 18 properties on the school campus. We were also able to eliminate $1,800 per month in phone line expenses so the system will literally pay for itself within a short period of time. We were approached by other fire safety companies who offered systems similar in concept. After research and examinations we discovered that the safeguards provided by these other systems fell far short of those provided by Advanced Fire & Security. The choice was clear when it comes to the protection of the school's students, faculty, staff, and properties."

Anthony Hamilton
Director of Safety and Security, St. Andrews School, Boca Raton

"The Skynet system gives us security knowing that the system is always online and monitored. Being in the South Beach area, we have always had issues with phone service, working one day and not the next, now I never have that concern. I saved an average of $150 a month per building and it gave me piece of mind."


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