Whether you are a building owner, manager, director, architect, engineer, general contractor or electrical contractor … we have the system that fits your installation and budgetary needs.

At any given time we have more than 100 new construction projects in progress; from small tenant build-outs to multi-story installations.

Maintaining such a large list of ongoing work doesn't mean that your project will suffer. We are very skilled at scheduling so that your project is manned when you need it and that the work is consistent with the strict schedules we have our Technicians adhere to.

Experienced trained and bonded technicians who aren't flexible in what they to configure our clients mechanical needs don't work with us. Technical codes, from county and city governments, require that people in our industry adhere to certain safety standards on all structures.

A retrofit or replacement of an existing fire alarm system is a very complicated process. It involves any number of elements such as communication with the local Fire Marshall and/or building official. Analysis of existing fire alarm systems infrastructure, existing building mechanical and fire protection systems, permitting the work with local authorities, level of disruption to occupants of the structure are the details our design team constantly improves upon to give you the best value of life protection.

Advanced Fire and Security is Platinum authorized GSA (General Services Administration) participating dealer. This is designation of excellence the government recognizes and celebrates. The level of expertise in order to achieve this status is not handed-out lightly; but given after the following training and experience is obtained:

With installation of your fire alarm system, we at Advanced Fire and Security have the ability, the honor from the government, and proven track record to complete and secure your project, no matter the size!

Call the company who installs excellence with every job! Call Advanced Fire and Security today!


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