Unlike most other companies, Advanced Fire has a dedicated department that only performs Retrofit installations. It requires a specific workforce that has a keen understanding of existing building construction and the challenges associated with such an installation. Each building is unique! Our knowledge of the current Code requirements and our relationship with the local building and fire officials is a benefit to you.

We demand that the personnel working in your building are presentable, courteous and speak English fluently. Fortunately many of our employees are multi-lingual which enables them to communicate with the building residents easily and comfortably.

The technicians working in your building are always in company identified shirts, long pants, closed shoes and with an employee identification badge worn around their neck.

We know how important it is in the Retrofit process that the work be first-rate and consistent. Every retrofit is fully supervised and manned by at least one Lead Technician and their helpers. The project is also visited several times a week by upper Management to insure that the process is smooth and timely.


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