Protecting physical and creative assets is the key focus to any business. The security of the inhabitants at your work site ensures the safety to perform the tasks that create wealth and vitality. Ensuring the appropriate persons are on site or performing certain functions within your facility, ensures against any foreign person's to undermine your business data or assets. Plat- forming from the experience in life safety, Advanced Fire and Security's new innovation in security systems now performs business life function safety by means of a card access system.

With current real-time system adjustment, Advanced Fire and Security's answer to the ever-populating, ever-growing human capital expansion, the shifts of employee responsibility entailing data and financial access is not compromised in any form.

As South Florida's largest fire alarm company, Advanced Fire and Security's logistical solution to each employer's facility access protection is customized. Since we do not subcontract out labor, we have the logistical capital to understand and ascertain each individual client while exceeding in performance. Our technicians are constantly trained with our system in order to meet the deadlines of all our important security partners – you!

The innovative custom card access networking system offers protection where it's needed, anytime of the day or night. We keep up to date on all current technology in order to offer our clients innovative and cost effective means of management.

Whereas if you're switching from another security configuration or retrofitting a current system, Advanced Fire and Security has your answer to all of your protection needs!

Call the company who knows Card Access! Call Advanced Fire and Security today!


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