With the sophistication of criminals on the upswing and the ever-growing burden of proof on businesses in a court of law, a company's security system must be just as sophisticated, if not more. Building upon the advancements of fire safety innovation, Advanced Fire and Security has opened-up new possibilities of video surveillance – CCTV (Closed circuit television). With surveillance technologies ranging from: Network IP Video, Fixed Position cameras, Flexible cameras, and Thermal Imaging cameras.

CCTV is the science of transmitting signals from video cameras to certain monitors located at other locations. Closed circuit television technology differs from regular television in that signals are not openly transmitted, but transposed to certain private monitors.

Our well-trained technicians understand the logistics of our monitoring system and how it would affect you. Since Advanced Fire and Security does not subcontract out its labor, the best possible outcome for our system is to give you peace of mind while maintaining control over your business assets. Our service department is on-call for you 24 hours a day! With total involvement in design and installation, have us meet with your architect or engineer for a private consultation.

As Advanced Fire and Security spring-boards from fire safety to the audio/visual surveillance safety of your on-site facility, camera innovation has come a long way from the earlier years of security – the revolution of innovation is here! Network IP Video surveillance system involves the art of using Internet protocol in determining the access path of monitoring. The use of the Internet can afford digital monitoring from anywhere in the world. Viewing one's own business environment gives security or peace of mind when not on-site. Fixed-position cameras entail the current technology of wire hookup to a certain security office location. Flexible cameras give monitoring with possible image detail for visual identification. Thermal Imaging cameras have responsive technologies that identify human or any other entity movement so security reinforcement can be accomplished.

Call the company with CCTV innovation! Call Advanced Fire and Security today!

Advanced Fire & Security Systems offers the following types of video surveillance products and camera systems:

Analog Cameras

By far the most common type of camera found in use today, analog cameras offer a reliable cost effective solution for securing your property. We offer and install all configurations of analog cameras for both indoor and outdoor applications, fixed or PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom), day/night and motion capture.

IP & Megapixel Cameras

Using digital technology, IP cameras offer significant improvements in image quality over their older analog cousins. A single megapixel camera in the right application can provide the same coverage and level of detail as 15 or 20 analog cameras.

Digital Video Recorders

Much like your typical DVR sold for recording TV programs, security DVR's operate on the same basic principle with the difference being that a security DVR is capable of continuous recording of up to 32 individual cameras at the same time. The amount of recorded video available is dependent upon the amount of internal or attached storage (hard drives) provided.

Hybrid Video Recorders

As customer's demand higher resolution cameras to monitor key areas of concern, hybrid video recorders or HVR's offer them the ability to transition to high definition video recording without the need to replace all of their existing analog cameras and infrastructure. A hybrid video recorder can accept inputs from conventional analog cameras as well as IP and megapixel cameras.

Network Video Recorders

Network video recorders are typically used as a stand alone network solution to store and distribute both live and recorded digital video from IP and megapixel cameras. NVR's can be scaled to accommodate as many as 64 IP cameras onto a single chassis. Additionally, both live and recorded video can be distributed across a customers LAN or WAN to other authorized users.

Network Video Software

Network video software is designed to reside and operate in a network environment without the use of proprietary hardware. Using commercial off the shelf servers, routers, switches or purpose built hardware, network video software offers the greatest ability to manage, store and distribute video across enterprise networks.


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