Often called burglar alarm systems, intrusion detection systems are designed to protect people and property from unwanted intruders. When properly designed and monitored by a listed, Central Station, the Police will be notified and dispatched to your property upon an attempted or actual break-in of your property.

Advanced Fire & security uses only components and control equipment listed for commercial applications and manufactured by some of the top companies in the world. We take great care through the design and installation process to insure that the chance of nuisance or false alarms is minimized. Interior motion detectors, in most cases, use dual technology that require both a heat source (body heat) and motion detection (movement) before the alarm threshold is reached and the system is activated.

If installed with any of an assortment of available panic buttons, if will alert the Police through the monitoring station that a hostage situation may be underway or a crime is being committed while the building is occupied. This type of alarm signal is considered the highest priority by the Police Department and they take extreme care when approaching this type of situation.

Intrusion Detection Systems can be integrated to work seamlessly with access control systems and video surveillance systems to offer complete protection and documentation.

Our central station is UL Listed and offers state of the art monitoring 24/7 365 days a year, by a staff of trained professionals.

Advanced Fire & Security can take over the monitoring and maintenance of your existing system or provide you with a quotation for a new system that is customized for your specific needs and risks.


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