Advanced Fire and Security, a certified, bonded, and licensed Florida safety contractor offers more than just fire safety. At a moment's notice, you and your employees or family could be thrown into a situation where your safety is challenged – a burglar, an intruder. The responsiveness that our company has with fire safety is just as sophisticated with security alarm devises. As a system of card access and door entry, cameras, and wireless communication, your security is assured because of current technological advances in our industry. When all of our systems work in cooperation, all the details are covered!

Wireless or connected CCTV (Closed caption television), the security of your building or structure is covered within our 24-hour a day, seven-days a week, 365-days a year monitoring service.

Plat-forming off of our fire safety innovation, we offer, through consultation, a detailed custom design for each of our clients – for newly constructed or existing structures of any size.

Call the company that has the complete innovation in safety! Call Advanced Fire and Security today!


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