Pump testing is an integral and vital part of your life safety system maintenance. Imagine arriving on the scene of a multiple-alarm fire, hooking up to the hydrant, and starting to pump water only to have the pump fail after 10 minutes. One question that might be asked at such a time is, could the pump failure have been prevented by an annual pump test?

Think of an annual pump test as the first step in preventing any unnecessary failures if the apparatus were called to a multiple-alarm fire where water in maximum volumes and pressures had to be moved for more than an hour. A multiple-alarm fire is no place to test the pump. However, the test pit is. All fire apparatus should be tested yearly by Advanced Fire Sprinklers to ensure proper life safety standards.

Call Advanced Fire Sprinklers today to schedule your annual fire pump inspection. Our experienced fire sprinkler service providers will make sure your fire pumps are working optimally and prepare you for any situation.


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