Fire Sprinklers Brickell

Fire sprinklers play an invaluable role in protecting property and life from a developing fire. They are considered the #1 most effective life safety system with a 90%+ effectiveness rate. Every homeowner should know the value of fire sprinklers Brickell and how it can protect their family and property. A fire can breakout anytime and your home should be well-equipped with a fire protection system that works.

Fire accidents can occur due to several reasons and for more than a century, fire sprinklers have been dousing fires, preventing property damage and helping save lives in offices, factories, schools and other public places. What you need to know is that a fire can grow from a small flame to fully engulfing a room in less than three minutes. What fire sprinklers Brickell can do is prevent the fire from spreading across different rooms in your home. This, in turn, will give you valuable time to usher your family to safety.

Advanced Fire & Security Provides Essential Fire Protection Services

It typically takes fire departments 9-12 minutes after a fire has started to arrive. By then firefighters will have to use high-pressure hoses, applying water at 125 gallons per minute. The home may be lost and the family displaced. When you have fire sprinklers Brickell installed at your home, you will be able to stop the fire from spreading even before the arrival of the fire truck. In an emergency, every second is valuable and can spell the difference between a tragedy and getting into safety.

If you are looking for a leader in the fire and security industry in South Florida, Advanced Fire & Security is the one. When you hire us for our fire sprinkler installation services, we will employ a team from our more than 100 fulltime employees that are all licensed with what they do. Aside from installation services, we also offer high-quality testing, inspection, maintenance, repair and central monitoring services. Call us now for our top products including fire sprinklers Brickell.

Fire Sprinklers Brickell Saves Lives And Homes

It is important that you look into the possibility of installing a fire sprinkler system in your home. Just because a fire hasn't happened in your neighborhood yet doesn't mean it will not. No one is invincible from fires and it can happen when you least expect it. Fire sprinklers Brickell can save lives and homes. Call Advanced Fire & Security now for more information regarding fire safety products and services.