Your Premier Life Safety Management Company


Fire and life safety is a vital part of how you take care of your home or business premises. If you do not take it seriously, not only are you in risk of losing all your possessions, you may also face legal problems. You should have a proper plan on how to contain a fire incase it does break out. If you are looking for a leader in the fire and security industry, Advanced Fire & Security is your premier life safety management company.

For Best Protection Services, Hire Advanced Fire & Security

Fires can be devastating and can tear apart families and destroy homes. If you own a home or a business, you should have at least a basic idea about fire safety and how to follow them. One thing you should realize is that fires at home and businesses are entirely preventable. This is what we believe here at Advanced Fire & Security. We offer complete life safety solutions by offering Advanced Fire & Security and Advanced Fire Extinguishers services. We offer a responsive, competitive and comprehensive array of services that will leave you feeling safe against the threat of fires.

So what exactly can we offer you? We have the largest Alarm Service Department in the entire South Florida area. We thrive on the fact that we have over 100 fulltime employees that are all factory trained and certified to help you with anything related to life safety. Aside from having all the necessary training, all of our personnel are licensed, bonded and insured as well. As your premier life safety management company, we will make sure that your existing fire security system functions properly and responds quickly to your service requests.

Advanced Fire & Security: Your Premier Life Safety Management Company

We know that one of the main considerations when choosing a life safety management company is its ability to design, install and maintain security systems. This is where Advanced Fire & Security comes in. We will take inventory of the fire protection systems you already have. Fire extinguishers? Fire alarms and sprinklers? We have the capacity to take good care of it. We will make a note of the systems you already have, the make and the model of each and ensure that it functions very well especially during emergencies. Call Advanced Fire & Security now: your premier life safety management company.